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Private 1 on 1 coaching with Celia

Become a Conscious Creator

12 Week Conscious Creator Coaching Program

12 Week Coaching Program

  • Weekly 1 hour private calls with Celia

  • Unlimited support and accountability by daily emails (within working hours)

  • Step by step activation approach with weekly goals, assignments and guidance

  • Activation approach that is 100% tailored to your unique situation, goals and personal needs

Currently closed. New spots for coaching will open up in end December 2021.

To sign up for the waiting list and be notified when new spots become available, click "apply now" to send Celia an email.

"Wherever you find yourself in life right now, a little extra guidance and clarity is probably appreciated. Maybe you deal with issues in your intimate relationships, maybe you want to change careers, or maybe you are dealing with a health issue. No matter what it is, sometimes we can feel like we are facing an issue that we do not know the answers to.


The truth is, we all have an wonderful and very accurate guidance system INSIDE of us which, when we follow, can lead us to align fully with our soul purpose, manifest miracles beyond belief and keep us fully safe in life. It is your BIRTHRIGHT to connect with this divinity and that is what this coaching program will teach you!"


  • You are constantly trying to control the outcomes in your life and feel on top of everything yet somehow you feel lost and tired of having to put so much effort. You are ready to try a new approach

  • You feel very drawn to my teachings and were by synchronicity guided here.

  • You have a deep longing to connect with something deeper and you have this innate feeling that there is more to the world.

  • You are very interested in esoteric subjects and you are ready to take your knowledge to a next level.

  • You are already immersed in spiritual practices, and you want to take it to another level.

  • You wish to develop your psychic abilities and connection with the Angels

  • You may have had a past of mental instability and difficulty fitting into the world, always feeling like you belong somewhere else with a difficulty of finding inner balance and belonging.

  • You have maybe seen my videos, read my book, or just followed my work and really resonate with my message, my story or my approach and want me to guide you to fully connect with your inner divinity.

What is possible to achieve after the Conscious Creator Coaching Program*

  • NO MORE ANXIETY AND MENTAL DISTRESS**// Achieve the mental and spiritual freedom to enjoy your life and be MORE in the present moment. During the program, we will work on correcting any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances you have and you can expect to feel more at PEACE, CALM and regain a LOVE for life.

  • RECOVER YOUR FEELING OF ONENESS AND UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE //No more feelings of loneliness, as one of the major side effects of healing all imbalances is re-finding your inner center and therefore achieving a healthy connection with life and the Divine forces again.

  • RECOVER YOUR SPIRITUAL HEALTH! // Like we need proper physical health, we also need to balance our spiritual health to feel well in our body, spirit and soul. This is one of the major things we will do, which helps you heal your relationship with life and yourself.

  • INCREASED INTUITION, SYNCHRONICITIES AND MIRACLES // By healing your energetic and emotional body, you will naturally experience an increased connection with your intuition. You can expect to know more clearly which path to take in life, and you can experience more signs of divine support in your day to day life.

  • START FOCUSING ON YOUR SOUL PURPOSE // As you heal all bodies, you can expect to naturally align with your soul path and be able to see clearly why you came here, what lessons there are for you to learn, and what gifts you have to share with the world. 

*Results vary depending on how much you follow the guidance given. Results depend on you. 

** Celia is not a psychologist or psychiatrist and cannot work with severe cases or claim to heal any mental illnesses. Please consult your professional for adequate help and guidance. 

Why Choose Conscious Creator Coaching



Making positive changes in life is not always easy. Studies have shown, that when we work with someone who knows our goals and can keep us accountable, we are more likely to be more consistent and achieve positive results.


 I will personally be your coach and help you keep on track at all times! We will create a plan for you that suits your specific needs and place in life.


You will have daily support and someone to turn to whenever you need. I have been through the awakening as a Conscious Creator myself and I know how important it is to know that someone is always there for you, as the path is not always a smooth ride. You will have support for whenever you need it!


You will be taught the necessary physical, mental and emotional tools. Based on scientific studies, my experience, traditions and teachings, you will receive specific practical tools to help you activate your inner divinity.


This coaching program is 100% tailored to your specific needs, goals and current place in life. Every person is different and having a private coach focusing on you alone is much more powerful than any group coaching pro­gram.


You are not going to waste time googling and testing out which approaches work. I have spend over a decade testing all of the tools on myself and others and I have distilled what truly works for each personality type and place in life. All that experience is available for you through my coaching program to achieve maximum results.


We will set clear goals for you and work step by step on achieving those goals. Setting up weekly goals and homework assign­ments helps achieve steady progress and ingrained positive habits.

"She helped me so much to understand what would be the next best step to develop my business. Also on what should I work in order to achieve this. So grateful that I had this opportunity to work with her. All recommendations! Thank you! 💗

" - Marija


Meet Your Coach

"My name is Celia and I'm your Angelic coach. My background is in the world of arts, as a model and actress. This used to be a childhood dream of mine, that I had totally forgotten about, and through the inner work I did, I was able to discover my true life path. I have since let my intuition develop and guide me through all major life decisions which has helped me create the life of my dreams. You can read more about my story here.


Having discovered my own power, I am very passionate about helping others discover their own. I do this through my books, my videos and all of the information I share for free which you can see here, but I found that it can only do so much. Working on an individual basis with you and being able to dive deep into your goals, aspirations and challenges, will allow for us to create a custom made plan that can help you truly transform your life and activate your Angelic DNA again. This work is not always easy, but done correctly it is very simple and straight forward.  

As an Angelic coach, I have a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude, creating an environment where you can feel safe and secure to be challenged and grow. My main goal as a coach is to help you regain your connection with your inner divinity and realize the vast opportunities that life offer every moment. It's time to reclaim your power!"


My Coaching Approach

I truly believe in the innate divine power of everyone, and that is the basis of how I coach you. 

My approach to helping you discover your own power, is by working with you closely on the spiritual goals you have, and by intuitively giving you the tools that will help take you there and to the path of discovering your own light. This is combined with scientifically proven and practical methods that help raise the vibration of your physical body and help rid it of toxins, so that you can allow in more light and life. It's actually pretty down to earth! With our feet firmly planted on the ground, I will help you reach new heights.  

We will work closely on your awakening step by step so that you feel accountable and supported daily. Together we will set weekly homework assignments, challenges and goals and we will identify issues that are your Achilles heel and help you overcome them. 

It's time you reclaim your power!

"In the book how to communicate with angels you will find 6 habits that will improve your life and allow you to receive messages from archangels and how to live life more consciously. It is a personal written book about how to communicate with the higher realms. It contains enough evidence and insights that support her case. Thanks Cecilie for writing that book, it was well worth a read." - Roberto

Conscious Creator

The 12 week Conscious Creator Coaching program includes


The discovery call (30 min) is where you can ask any questions about the coaching program to find out what duration suits you the best and see if we are a good fit. 


Every week you will have a 60 minute call with Celia to ask any questions, get support and guidance for the next week ahead. 


Between the coaching calls, you can email Celia at any time to ask questions, get additional support and stay accountable for your work. 


Based on your specific goals and the stage of your evolution we will set clear weekly goals with practical steps that will help you move forward. You will be introduced to new habits that can help raise your frequency on the daily. 


You are given weekly homework assignments that will help you gain more from the coaching and to put everything you learn into practice, while helping to ingrain the practices into your daily routine.

Conscious Creator


You will get a free copy of "How to Communicate with the Angels", which contains many of the practical steps you will be introduced to via the coaching along with all the science explaining how and why these steps actually work. 

This coaching is for you if:

✔️ You are willing to 100% commit and do the work necessary.

✔️ You are willing to have an open mind to learn new ways of doing, thinking, being and acting

✔️ You are willing to let go of old limitations you have put upon yourself and/or the world.

✔️ You are willing and open to change your mindset about yourself and what you are capable of.


✔️You are willing to try something new and implement new habits

✔️You know that there is something more and deeper to connect with within yourself

✔️ You are willing to give it time and be consistent.

This coaching is NOT for you if:

✖️You are NOT willing to 100% commit and do the work necessary.

✖️You want to keep blaming the world and others for issues in your life

✖️You are NOT open minded to new ways of thinking, doing and being

✖️You are NOT willing and open to change your mindset about yourself, the world and what is possible


✖️You are NOT willing to try something new and implement new habits 

✖️ You have no interest in personal growth and spiritual subjects

✖️You want a quick fix and are NOT willing to give it time and be consistent.

Client Testimonials

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12-Week Conscious Creator Coaching Program

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching calls with Celia via zoom

  • Unlimited support and accountability by daily emails.

  • Step by step approach with weekly goals, assignments and guidance.

  • Coaching plan that is 100% tailored to your personal needs with practical, scientific steps, homework and tools you can use on a daily basis.

Currently closed. New spots for coaching will open up in December 2021.

To apply for a spot, click "apply now" by filling out the form and sening Celia an email.

Read more testimonials Here.

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