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 Conscious Creator

Welcome dear Conscious Creators!

My name is Celia and I am so happy to meet you!

I'm a model, actress and Angelic coach. I help people connect with their inner divinity again and open themselves up to the realm of real "magick". 

When I was a little girl I used to believe in Magick but life and the people around slowly got me to forget and suppress this part of me. As life went on, I couldn't go on living half a life hiding part of me in the shadows, and as life had it I had to heal. 


Dealing with suicidal depression became the crisis I had to overcome and by learning how to heal myself through natural therapies aligned with Nature, I slowly started remembering the part of me I had hidden away. This opened me up to a world I had never could imagined and by doing so I realize just how much power and potential every single person has. I dearly wish for everyone to remember and reconnect with this and that is what sparked the creating of Conscious Creator by Celia ©.

Becoming a Conscious Creator is truly the story of becoming whole again and reconnecting with the parts of us that we have hidden and/or suppressed. We are all born with magick and I truly believe it is in the essence of everyone. I truly believe in the good of everyone! This is the premise my work is based on. 

 Conscious Creators

"It's time to reclaim your power. Start writing the story of your own life"

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At the age of 18 I was faced with a life crisis of suicidal depression. At that point I had only two options about my life: heal it or end it. Deep down I had a spark and I knew I had to keep going. Little did I know at the time that I was going through a spiritual life crises and it happened to become one of the biggest blessings of my life as it led me down a path that would open me up to whole new avenues of living and being. 

I went through the mainstream system of taking anti-depressants, seeing a psychiatrist and having weekly support meetings. None of it had much effect other than feeling like I was at least trying something. I started to realize that I had to look at other options and I began to examine my lifestyle and way of thinking, to take back control of how I was feeling. 


I was raised with a grandmother who believes in astrology, the power of the mind and who had gone through a similar crisis and helped herself out thanks to these tools. So I started to consider that maybe there is some power in my mind.

I intuitively wrote down 11 steps I could use to raise the level of my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Those 11 steps became the start of my journey towards healing my soul and today most of these steps are explained in "How to Communicate with the Angels".

I realized that through gratitude and helping others, I could be less focused on myself and my problems and more focused on what I could give to the world. I started implementing these things and I started becoming more aware of how I lived my life. My biggest breakthrough happened when I realized that what I eat matters and I changed my diet to a raw fruit vegan diet. Within two days of eating a fruitarian diet, my depression was vanished like fog on a sunny day. In this way, I contribute nutrition to my biggest breakthrough, but I do believe that all the steps I took prior led me to be open to the possibilities for healing right in front of me.

Conscious Creator

A raw fruitarian diet opened up my entire energetic system to healing and divine intervention and today, 10 years later, still plays a vital role in my life. As I started to clean my energetic system, I started to remember things, memories, past life memories and I become very curious and open to all sorts of "alternative" methods for healing.


As many people who has experienced depression do, I was highly questioning the purpose of life. The purpose of MY life. This lead me on a quest that allowed me to discover one powerful thing:


Our purpose is to create our own life.  

This was the answer I received in prayer one day when I dearly asked to see the purpose of my life. As it was, there was no set in stone purpose, but I understood that my purpose was to wake up to my own creative abilities and to heal sufficiently.

Having spend the last 10 years of my life immersed in the world of raw foods, fasting, meditation and all forms of purification that could get me just a step closer to the essence of my true being, I have wondered "how on earth can I help others? How can I convey these realizations to others?".

The gave birth to "How to Communicate with the Angels", a book based on science and 6 (soon 7) practical steps that can help anyone reclaim their power and connect with their inner divinity again. The book will teach you how to communicate with the Angels but more importantly, by reconnecting you with your inner divinity which is your only real path to receiving communication from the Divine within. 

Conscious Creators

In "How to Communicate with the Angels", you will

  • Learn what the Angels are and how they communicate

  • Create a deeper connection with yourself and your inner power

  • Learn 6 steps that can transform your life not only spiritually, but also physically and mentally

I deeply believe that my greatest purpose is to help others with the information I have discovered. I believe in the power and purity of everyone and I truly wish for everyone to discover this power within themselves just like I did. 

I am happy to show you the way to a life of absolute liberty to create, life and be as you desire. To live in alignment with the pure essence of your being and God. In my experience, true happiness comes from alignment. 

A Bit More About Celia

I work both in the modeling, film and real estate industry, and the experience with working in these very material and competitive industries have contributed in great part to my desire to connect with something deeper. I have learned that by implementing these esoteric teachings into my life, I find more balance, peace and success in my other avenues. My biggest hope is to be able to bring these teachings to these industries and to help bring more love, connection and understanding into an otherwise cold, ruthless world.

Conscious Creator

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