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How I healed suicidal depression through diet

Hi my loves, and welcome back to another blog post!

Today I will share with you a very personal story time about how I healed depression through diet.

The before photo you see on the thumbnail was taken in 2011 and what very few people knew at that time was that I was very depressed. In fact, the following year, the depression developed into suicidal depression and I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was willing to try anything and everything, so I went on the anti-depressant medication (reluctantly), I started seeing a psychiatrist regularly, I got a support person who would come see me weekly etc. It made little difference.

That same year I decided to change my diet for reasons that had nothing to do with the depression and suddenly the gates of heaven opened up to me. Within three days of swapping my regular meat heavy diet for a monkey diet, the depression was vanished like fog on a sunny day. I had totally forgotten how it could feel to feel happy again! Wow, this feeling was so amazing! I stopped the medication and I did not need it ever since.

This was enough proof for me to stick with the lifestyle and I changed my diet for a vegan diet high in fruit. Today, it has been almost 10 years down the road, and while I have experimented with many different branches of veganism, I always go back to the same thing: the raw fruits and vegetables.

I have been completely depression free for 10 years, so what can I say, the proof is in the banana pudding! I have shared my story in my latest YouTube video, in hopes that can inspire you all to realize the spiritual and physical importance of what we eat.

We have to understand that we are complex beings both with a physical, emotional and energetical body, and by learning to take care of all our bodies by adopting our species specific diet, we can experience optimal health.

My depression was a sign that I was out of balance and very unhealthy. Thank God I learned the truth about how health is in my own hands! For that I can really thank Freelee the Banana Girl.

For this reason, a big part of what I teach is based around diet and nutrition, because it highly affects our ability to manifest and function optimally as Conscious Creators.

To learn more about how you can adopt the correct diet for you, I offer Raw Vegan Coaching. You can hop on a starter call with me to get you started adding more fruits and vegetables to your life, or you can join a more extensive coaching program where I can help guide you through several weeks of you changing your lifestyle. Have a look below! It would be an honor to work with you and hopefully fruits and vegetables can bring you as much joy as they have with me! I currently have 50% discount if you use the code RAW4U.

To get inspired on how you can add more fresh, raw vegetables to your diet, check out Raw Abundance

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