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Is a vegan diet really healthy?

Hi My loves!

Welcome back to a quick post :)

In this post I am pasting the links for various studies proving the benefits of a vegan diet.

There is a lot of debate about whether a vegan diet is healthy or not. I say, let's look at the science (the science that is actually NOT funded by the meat or dairy industry LOL). I have my own proof of course, managing to heal suicidal depression, asthma and chronic constipation with diet alone. Those are facts to me, but today I want to share big facts with you.

The Science

The China Study: The most comprehensive nutritional study ever done. It examines the link between the ingestion of animal proteins and the major killers of today's world. It was proven that these diseases could be turned on by the ingestion of animal proteins and reversed when put on a plant based whole foods diet. Read the whole study here.

Vegans live longer than meat-eaters? A study performed at the Lona Linda University studied various populations and found vegans to live up to 15 years longer than meat-eaters.

Vegans have a healthier BMI? A study performed by Oxford proved that among 38.000 people in randomized age groups, those who were vegan had the lowest BMI. Increased protein intake and lower fiber intake was associated with a higher BMI.

My darling, there are off course MANY MORE studies than these proving a vegan diet highly beneficial, especially when based around whole foods. If you want to stay up to date with the latest studies, I highly recommend following

I also recommend the following books: How not to die

The engine2diet

Fullyraw Diet

Forks over knives

If you want to go vegan or raw vegan and feel like you need more support, book a free coaching call consultation with me! You can book your free call by filling in your coaching application here!

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