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Morning Routine for Dream Manifestations!

Hi my loves!

Welcome back to another blog post :)

Today I will tell you how you can effortlessly manifest the life of your dreams through one simple trick: Your morning routine.

The morning and the evening before bed, are the two most powerful times of the day to create habits, routines and influence our own programming. Our brain is in a theta state15-30 minutes after waking/before sleeping/dozing off. In this state, we have a lot more access to our subconscious, so everything we do during these times, gets imprinted a lot more effortlessly.

If you learn to utilize this as a Conscious Creator, you can manifest your dreams a lot more effortlessly. Therefore, creating an intentional morning routine (and evening routine), can really change your life.

My morning routine consists of two important things: Working with my subconscious first thing and working with the elements of Nature. Through working with the elements of Nature, I get to purify not only my physical body, but also my emotional and energetic body which helps my clarity of mind and mental focus during the day. Working with my subconscious, I set the direction of my life.

See in the video above what my entire morning routine looks like.

If you want to start your transformational morning routine I suggest a very simple system:

  1. Start your day with focusing on your dreams. First thing. Write down your top 3 goals and visualize them as your current reality until you feel it is!

  2. Meditation - at least 10 minutes, 30 minutes is the goal. I recommend the heart-crown chakra meditation from "How to Communicate with the Angels".

  3. Do a workout - whatever you enjoy the most, just get your body moving.

  4. Drink at least 1 liter of clean, distilled water before eating/drinking anything else

  5. Ditch caffeine (see why here)

These are the basic foundations for a miracle morning and you can do all of this within1 hour. If you have more time and you want to take it even further, include the element of air and fire by adding breathing exercises and sun gazing (lighting candle lights in the winter).

This is a very powerful way to change the direction of your day. By reminding yourself first thing what you really want to manifest, you are telling your subconscious what to look for and which actions to take during the day. By cleansing all of your bodies, you will have a lot more mental clarity and focus to actually manifest what you truly want. If you want to do just one thing, add point number one.

To see more about the practices I integrate into my morning routine and WHY, check out "How to Communicate with the Angels", where I explain my pranayama meditation which is a very, very powerful tool to shift your energetic state, and how you can work with the elements of Nature.

To go even deeper, you can work with me on a personal basis and I will customize a morning routine that fits your specific blueprint and personal goals. I will include the elements of Nature that benefit your spiritual and energetic needs the most, along with the general law of attraction practices that can shift your life around. To work with me personally, go check out my coaching page.

That was the blog post of this month! I hope you all truly benefitted and I look forward to work with those of you who really want to transform your life through transforming your morning!

Love you all! Love and blessings


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