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Welcome to the Electric Universe - Science and Spirituality Combined

Deep down I think we all know it - we are here for a bigger reason. But even if we feel that knowing, many of us may still question it, for one big reason: we have been taught that life is random, life is a coincidence, life is some sort of evolution we do not understand.

What if all of that is not true? What if there is an explanation that makes a lot of sense, which not only explains how our Universe works, but also the origins of humans and our early history which has been kept out of the history books in school.

There might very well be. This explanation is called the Electric Universe and is presented by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot, a physicist, cosmologist and mythologist. Together, they have combined cosmology, physics and mythology to explain the early history of humans and even to predict astrological events which modern cosmology has not been able to.

While I am no physicist nor cosmologist, I can understand this theory and that is the beauty of it. The theory of the Universe based on electricity and plasma instead of gravity, it is so simple that most people can comprehend it. I believe that is where we find the truth, in the simplicity of Nature!

How does this information apply to us as Conscious Creators? Well, if the Universe is indeed based on electricity, that only supports the idea of the Law of Attraction. That we can magnetize certain events, things, situations to us, by becoming the transmitter and holder of the frequency that attracts such. In the end, everything should make sense and come together, and the Electric Universe definitely brings an idea of a Universe where everything is connected and where everything has meaning. As Conscious Creators, we always want to get closer to the truth as it is in the Truth that we find our essence.

If you want to learn more about this theory, have a look at the interview above, where Wallace Thornhill is so kind to explain us all what the Electric Universe theory is based upon, the predictions it has made and how we can all learn more about it.

If you want to learn more about it, check out the following resources:


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