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What I eat in a day for LAW OF ATTRACTION and WHY

Updated: May 15, 2021

Hello my loves! And welcome back to the blog!

As many of you may have noticed, nutrition is something I talk a lot about. We live in physical bodies in this physical plane, not to learn how to overcome and transcend it, but to learn how to integrate the spiritual plane within the physical. We are so blessed to live on one of the most abundant and diverse planets of the Universe and we get to experience the pleasure and joy of this physical experience!

Health is so priceless, without it, we are not capable of fully experiencing life and all the pleasures that come with it. If our physical health suffers, it can negatively affect our spiritual health as well. For this I like to live by a holistic approach that supports both our physical and spiritual health.

For physical reasons I recommend a Raw Vegan fruit based diet, as science points to the fact that we are frugivores by nature, just like our fellow monkeys with whom we share 99+% of DNA. The only difference between the monkeys and us, is that we do produce an enzyme that allows us to digest starch such as potatoes, brown rice etc.

Apart from our physiology, science also points to fact that what we eat has the ability to affect our level of consciousness and that raw vegan foods are some of the best foods for heightened levels of consciousness as they are the ONLY foods that contain biophotons, otherwise known as life force energy.

Science is still discovering the exact role of biophotons, but we do know at this point that biophotons play a vital role in proper communication and therefore function between all cells, and that neurons in our brain actually are capable of producing biophotons in the visible spectrum of light. In an individual where this would happen, would be seen with a visible ring of light around their head due to the biophoton emission.

Does this ring a bell? Just like all the saints depicted with shinning rings of light, otherwise know as halos.

Could we then conclude that biophotons are linked to enlightenment? We do not have full scientific proof yet, but clues are definitely leading in that direction. With all the information we have so far, I also recommend a raw vegan diet for optimal spiritual health. To read more of the studies supporting this, I have two full chapters dedicated to this diet and liquids in "How to Communicate with the Angels".

For this reason, I decided to start eating a fully raw vegan diet. I have been vegan for around 9 years and for the last year I have slowly and surely increased the amount of raw foods in my diet. With summer around the corner, I thought now should be the time when I start eating raw vegan! As I am writing this article, I have been 7 days raw vegan and I feel so amazing. My energy is even higher and more stable than before, I feel so happy for no apparent reason and people around me have commented how I seem to have really found my balance and how great I look. Most importantly, I know they are right, because the amount of peace and joy I feel inside is quite indescribable.

I want you to judge for yourself, so I have documented everything I eat in a day as a raw vegan! Have a look!

I have even more news for you guys! If you want to start eating more raw foods or transition to a fully raw vegan diet, I am happy to announce that I have just launched raw vegan coaching. With my 9 years of experience as a vegan and experimenting with the raw vegan lifestyle throughout all this time, I can help you to avoid all the mistakes I made, create a custom plan that fits your specific physical and metaphysical needs, and give you daily support on your journey. Click here to read more!

Start the lifestyle that will help you create the story of your own life!

To read the complete science behind a raw vegan diet, have a look at "How to Communicate with the Angels".

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