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7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse

7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse

7-day raw vegan juice cleanse designed to catapult you into true connection with the Divine and your life purpose, by activating your crown chakra through raw juices!


This Ebook is a complete how-to juice cleanse guide for beginners. Containing everything you need to know about juice cleansing + 21 raw vegan juice recipes that will cover you for a full 7 day juice cleanse, along with esoteric information about how this juice cleanse can help activate your crown chakra.


The chapters covered in this book are:

My Story

What is the 7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse 101

Structured Water

The Crown Chakra

Your Life Purpose

Tools needed 

Helpful Tips

How to Start

How to make Juice

Shopping List

The Recipes

How to Break the Cleanse

Post Cleanse meal plan

The purist trap

To join a live juice cleanse with Celia, along with receiving a guided meditation and video course, get the full 7-Day Juice Cleanse package here: 


Happy juicing!