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Abundant Purpose Activator!

Abundant Purpose Activator!

Join Celia's signature mentorship program: Abundant Purpose Activator


This program is for ambitious burned-out female projectors. I will help you get out of hustling in a soul sucking career and become a magnet to your life-purpose work by leading you through a spiritual ascension process with raw foods and Angelic activation. 


IF CELIA SENT YOU THIS LINK, IT MEANS YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM! If you wish to get further information before you join, book your discovery call here:


In 8 weeks, we will hone in on your purpose, why you are here, and how you can bring that purpose into manifestation through Angelic Activation and Raw foods!


You will get access to a private FB community with 4 other amazing women, where I support and guide you every day monday-friday! + 8 group live calls with practices and Q&A's,  several 1:1 private calls and access to all the self-paced study material!


This program is born out of my own life experience as a projector, trying so hard to fit in to the generator based society of hustling and long hours, not understanding my own energy. At the same time, I always knew I was here for a reason, to make a difference, but I just couldn't seem to find that reason because my energy was drained. I was burnt out, lost and with no hope, because I was trying to solve a problem with the same level of thinking (and energy) that had created it!


Not until I started doing a lot of inner work and actually taking care of my energy, did I have a big breakthrough. In a vision, on a clear day in the airport of Denmark, I saw my future self, clearly standing in front of me and showing me what would be possible if I followed her guidance. That guidance was to start modeling, which made no sense to me at the time, but it has completely turned my life around to one of purpose, abundance, freedom of self expression and knowing why I am here. It has even led me to creating this program of today!


Still to this day, I continously return to my practices of taking care of myself, trusting my instinct and honing in on my natural skills as a female projector to feel aligned with my purpose and be on track in life. All of which you will learn how-to in this program. 


In this program, you will go through the same steps of activation as I did:

Discovering you
Creating foundations (earth)
Finding emotional balance (water)
Overcoming Obstacles (fire)
Connecting with your intuition (air)
Living your purpose

IMPORTANT! This program is in beta, meaning improvements are still made and I am learning EXACTLY what kind of results my system will give you. For me, this system helped me find my life purpose and bring it into my life and work, and it might just do the exact same for you, that is what we will learn together. For this reason, I am offering the program at a very generous price than it will be once launched and there is space for 5 women! As exchange, I ask for your feedback in written AND filmed form at the end of the program. This is essential, so if you don't wont to give a testimonial, it's better to wait until I actually launch my program at the full price. 

This is a great opportunity to get all of the material that will be in my launched program for a very generous discount!


Starting date is 1/8/22. There is a maximum of 5 spots!

I am so excited to have you here!!! Time to fly, my Angel

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    1.200,00 €Sale Price
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