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Raw Vegan Coaching Program

The Conscious Creator Diet


Want to eat the foods that support not only your physical health, also your spiritual and psychic health?


Want to improve your digestion, skin & energy at the same time?

Do you want to form a good, loving relationship with food? 

Want to awaken your manifestation energies?

Are you ready to take your health next level?

Raw Vegan Coaching Program

Start your journey today

Celia has nearly 10 years personal experience as a vegan, finding the raw vegan lifestyle back in 2012 and embarking on it immediately. My first encounter with it was amazing as I managed to heal suicidal depression and feel better in my body and mind than I ever thought was possible.


Throughout my journey I had to learn a lot of things and I made a lot of mistakes which kept me away from the lifestyle for many years. Today, 10 years later, I have found out how important the intrinsic details of a raw vegan lifestyle are and now, with all my experience and research, I coach and help people all over the world to go raw vegan. 

My unique approach to adding more raw foods to your life, is especially based around the idea that raw foods can help heal your soul and awaken spiritual abilities. Something that I learned through my own experience, and have later found to discover that science supports. 

Through my coaching, I can help you heal physical ailments through a holistic approach that takes both the physical and metaphysical aspect into account. I can also help you awaken spiritual abilities through diet alone. By filling in the application form, you can specify which area is of most importance to you!

Why Raw Vegan?

Adding more raw vegan foods to your diet not only makes you healthier physically and mentally, but also spiritually! Biophotons play a vital part in activating your pineal gland, our seat to bridge our physical world with higher realms from within and the only foods that have been shown to contain biophotons, are raw foods. Read below the benefits of adding more raw foods to your diet:

  • Raw Living foods are the only foods that contain biophotons.

  • Raw vegan fruits and vegetables are high in structured water, assisting your body in staying hydrated! This water is filtered through the fruits and vegetables and is the most compatible water we can ingest. It is also speculated that this water is highly connected to activating the energetic body and specifically the crown chakra.

  • Studies have shown that a long term high raw vegan diet helps lower cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease and improves mental health and well-being.

  • It is said that Pythagoras himself was a raw vegan and that he demanded all his students to adopt the same lifestyle in order to open their minds to the understanding of mathematics. Science today still needs to catch up on the esoteric and spiritual benefits of a raw vegan diet, which leaders have known for centuries.

Raw Vegan Coach
Raw Vegan Coach

This coaching program is for you if...

- You are tired of restrictive diets & calorie counting, yet you want to stay lean

- You have health ailments to heal

- You want to form a good, loving relationship with food and your body

- You want to feel great in your body

- You want to awaken spiritual abilities

- You are ready to connect more deeply with your own spirituality and intuitive abilities

- You want to awaken your dormant kundalini energy for manifestation purposes

- You want to connect with your life purpose!

Weekly Coaching Program

What you get:

  • An individually tailored introductory presentation based on your specific goals on how to overcome current challenges.

  • A personalized plan to help you achieve your goals

  • WEEKLY 60 minute one-on-one zoom calls

  • Follow up email after the call with all the important points of the call lined up + recommendations, tips, suggestions

  • Unlimited email support during the program (within working hours)

  • Personalized health and wellness suggestions

  • Personalized one day meal plan to give you an idea of a daily healing vegan diet

  • Compassionate support to help you lovingly achieve your goals

  • Recipe suggestions for your favorite traditional recipes

  • A free copy of Raw Abundance

Raw Vegan Coach
Book your Raw Vegan Coaching
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Start your journey today

Book your free consultation call here!

To get yourself fully immersed in the lifestyle, Celia offers weekly coaching for12 weeks, where Celia will create a plan for you and offer you daily guidance.

The coaching can be tailored healing physical ailments and/or awakening spiritual powers. 

Please apply below and Celia will get back to you within 24 working hours!

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