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The Conscious Creator Team

"If everyone moves forward together, success takes care of itself"


Celia Hjorth

The founder of Conscious Creator by Celia. Celia is a Model, Actress, Oracle Reader and coach, helping you reclaim your power through various modalities. Celia started this page from the desire to create more meaning in her life and be able to help more people with the knowledge she had gained throughout the years on her own spiritual journey and overcoming her own inner challenges. Read more about Celia's story here!

Jules Bailey - Juice Coach

Hey guys! I'm Jules! I have been juice fasting for over 10 years. I have experienced all kinds of outside and inside factors to present obstacles when juicing throughout my own experiences and thus, now have infinite knowledge on how to overcome just about anything! I am also well versed in detoxification and how to safely and comfortably tackle all healing crises and overcome for a better day. I have been juice fasting people all over the world for quite some time and find that the key factor in success is accountability and having someone to help you push away your fears. I have been a raw vegan for 5 years and believe this to be our perfect species specific diet. I studied how to eat raw living foods for optimal health for years and am now able to coach others to learn this diet quickly and effectively.

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