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Oracle Reading Reviews

"Celia was such a supportive channeler - full of love, compassion, and patience. I felt so safe and supported in the reading space with her! On top of that, the messages that Celia channeled through were SO clear. One of my questions was about moving to another state, and not only did the message reference “moving to another place”, but it addressed my concerns of the timeframe as well. I was BLOWN AWAY! Thank you Celia for holding space for me and being such a heart-led channel for the messages to come through! Grateful for you!!" - Morgan Russell, USA

"I had my first ever reading with Celia this morning! It was such an amazing experience! I went into it with an open mind and received so many beautiful messages. Celia was so calming and thoughtful, and explained each of the cards beautifully. After the reading was complete, she sent me photos of the cards so I could have them to look back on, and send me a recording with a recap of the reading. I would highly recommend completing a reading with Celia! I feel more connected to my higher self because of my reading!" - Lane Miller, USA

"It was such an amazing oracle card reading by Celia! She helped me so much to understand what would be the next best step to develop my business. Also on what should I work in order to achieve this. So grateful that I had this opportunity to work with her. All recommendations! Thank you! 💗" - Marija, Chec Republic

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"I believe Celia is truly great. I've been following her channel for a few months now, and I feel she is consistently putting out a positive message to all. I've had a reading done by her, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is at a crossroads in life."- Kenji, USA

"Wonderful reading! It was actually my first time ever doing something like this. Celia did a wonderful job walking me through the process in terms of what to expect and how to make the best out of the experience. I had a great session and highly recommend anyone that's interested in oracle readings to give this one a try! Celia is absolutely great to work with! Thank you! :)" - AJ, USA

"Celia is an absolute dream. It’s obvious that she spent a lot of time thoroughly researching my health concerns. She formulated a concise plan of action with optional additional activities that I have been enjoying." - Paige Elaine, Barcelona

"My reading with Celia was super insightful on so many levels! She was really able to explain everything so well so I fully understood how everything would work. She also explained the cards so well and was able to link everything together effortlessly. Throughout the reading, she kept checking in with me and it was more like a back of forth conversation as opposed to being given alot of information. She has such a bright energy and presence and I really reccomend working with her, you will be held in such a safe space of love! Thanks so much Celia xxx" -Em, London

"Celia is a very attentive and thoughtful reader that has a unique perspective in her readings that comes from her deeply spiritual beliefs around food and energy. I really enjoyed the reading and highly recommend it to anyone interested in doing reflective work. I think her cards told me exactly what I needed to hear at the time and I was very excited to hear I would get a recording, a photo of the cards pulled and a brief write up because I often forget what they are, very accessible! Really amazing reading and I’m so greatly for her energy work!" - Amanda Meyer, USA

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